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Twitter is one of the most successful online social media service used to stay close to everything that a person like. The messages that are sent are usually referred as tweets which are comprised of 140 characters and are mainly used to send and read text based messages. It is one of the ten most visited sites on internet. The world of marketing has even affected Twitter. But in today's world, it helps greatly in business by letting new customers. This acts as the perfect tool for promoting a business, product, service or brand. Have you ever researched about the benefits of twitter marketing benefits for a business, Let me explain.

  • Allows personal interaction with potential customers which will build loyalty, brand awareness and more.
  • Permits to reach as many customers as possible.
  • Helps to get direct feedback about the product, services and industry.
  • No need to waste on money on press releases, Twitter acts as the best tool in free press releasing.
  • Aids to save customer relationship within 140 characters.
  • Helps to keep your followers up to date with current information about your business.
  • Assist to make positive thought about your brand.
  • Helps in generating as much leads as possible.

These are some of the benefits that a business gets through Twitter. But it is greatly important for every business man who needs to use Twitter as a marketing tool is that it is necessary to know how to handle it. You should know what sort of information you should share with you followers and how you should share. It may be little bit confusing, but should concentrate on guide to perform effective marketing.

  • Do complete your twitter profile completely.
  • Upload perfect icon or image that describes your business.
  • Find relevant people to follow you.
  • Follow back and be polite enough.
  • Share original and valuable content.
  • Try to use the keywords in your treats.
  • Share links to useful networks.
  • Use shortened links.
  • Don't sell anything.
  • Update regularly.
  • Build excitement.

Make use of these essential tips to build your industry and to build traffic to your site by social media.


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