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As like we know, links play the major role in ranking a website in search engines like Google, yahoo, Bing and more. It is the one which helps in getting high search engine page ranks with improved visibility of websites. The major part that affects the ranking is the number of quality backlink; this can be done with the help of the link building strategy. Link building in an efficient way will enhance the popularity of websites.

Creating backlinks is a process which is keeps on changing based on the Google's update. Some of the strategies are listed below.

  • Directory Submission
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Blog Comments
  • Forum Signature
  • Article Submission
  • Press release
  • Classified Submission and more

Directory Submission :

Directory submission is a process of gaining one way incoming backlinks since higher the quality backlinks better the search engine rankings and visibility. It is usually performed by submitting the website's URL and relevant information in the list of high page ranked websites under apt category. That is linking a website to other websites under pertinent category.

Unlike other submission, directory submission play the major role in SEO as the links are reviewed and approved directly by human editors. The best way to get long lasting result through directory submission is to select best list of directories to submit the websites. This acts as an affordable way to make a website noticed by search engines.

Social Bookmarking :

The world is running social these days and social bookmarking acts as the very effective way to spread the sites. Social Bookmarking is a way of tagging the website with a keyword and saving it on a public website for future use. It became the best tool to build web presence and to promote a business online. With the famous social bookmarking sites such as delicious, digg, twitter and more, it is possible to build hundreds of links in a fraction of time.

Do you know why webmasters usually do social bookmarking to build links, so as to get increased traffic, visibility, branding, crawling, one way backlink and to get good page rank.

Blog Commenting :

Blog commenting is one of the best link building strategy, where blog author or webmaster submit comments over other blogs. Blog commenting is always the best way to build quality links to drive better traffic, target specific audience, make the brand exposed on internet and more. Apart from this, it will also build relationship and advanced discussion with other similar bloggers.

Although, it is an old search engine optimization technique, it is still effective.

Forum Signature :

Forum is an online discussion site which helps in conversing about a particular topic in the form of posted messages. Forum signature is a process of appending a block of information at the bottom of each forum post. Usually forums allow to plain text for signatures, but you can also add links with some special codes.

Posting on forums with signature links will help to generate more quality backlinks, to get increased visibility and to get top ranking in search engine result pages. Apart from this, it will help you by promoting your business.

Article Submission :

In SEO industry, Article submission is the most popular, oldest and effective link building technique. It is performed by submitting articles to the article submission directories to boost the backlinks to the websites. Among all the basic SEO techniques, it is the most successful one. The most successful article will be the one which is most relevant to the business without the sign of marketing.

It helps in improving the ranking of the online business by increasing the quality of backlinks and it also build the trust of potential customers.

An article should be creative enough and should contain information which easily attracts the customers. It should contain enough keywords and should be at least between 500 to 700 words. It should be unique and easy enough to be crawled by the web crawlers. It should contain sub headings, bullets, and numberings to attract and make easy to read. If an article considers all these valuable points then it will help a lot in targeting the specific audience.

Press Release :

Press release is an official statement issued to update your organization's service information online. It acts as the powerful tool in marketing a business. Keywords are the most important thing that needs to be considered in press release. Helps good in getting quality links and also help highly in promoting the business. This will also help you greatly in receiving more potential customers. Apart from this, press release help to gain publicity, become recognized by people, increased traffic with better ROI, improved website ranking, build brand awareness and more.

Classified Submission :

Classified ads are the online ads placed in classified sites. It works as like the ads in other media's like newspaper, radio and more. It is one of the most important tools for webmasters to make the website visible to the outside world. Other than this, it will also help to promote the website and generate the sales. It is the one which helps greatly to list the site in local search. It will also aid in acquiring targeted clients at affordable clients.

We Zuan SEO offer professional and 100% manual submission service to SEO friendly sites to improve the search engine rankings. Our services will definitely aid you by increasing the number of quality backlinks to make you experience the enhancement in search results.


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