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Whatever you need to achieve in life, you get the best results only if you search the perfect way to balance your activities that are involved in your day-to-day life! The same is for Search Engine Optimization too!!
In order to the attain the best possible website ranking in search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo or other search engines, you have to know about the perfect balancing of your SEO activities such as On-site and Off-site factors.
What are the On-site ranking factors?
They are the elements of your website that influencing the position of your website in the search engine’s search results. Some of the factors are listed below:

  • The texts and the keywords that you see on web pages.
    The elements that are used on the web pages.
    The number of pages on your site.
    The links of your web pages to other pages in your site.
    The links on your website to other sites.
    The robots.txt of your website.
    The navigation structure of your website.
    The HTML code of your web pages

Such On-site factors are relatively easy to change as these elements are readily available on your site.
What are the Off-site factors?
These are the ranking factors which are more difficult to handle since that are beyond your control.
• The number of backlinks that are pointing to your website.
• The quality of those backlinks.
• The quantity of your website presence on social media sites.
• The number of shares, Google +1 clicks, likes, followers, etc.
The right balance on these factors will lead to best results!!
Some SEO analysts may say spending time on On-site can make your SEO better. Whereas other groups of webmasters will rely on saying building quality links from other sites is the great way to get higher Google rankings.
But, depending on the keywords which are being used for optimizing the websites, one can achieve better results with both the factors.
However, the best result is achieved when combining both the factors and having perfect balance! On-site optimization is easy for making the search engines to list the right keywords for your website as well as Off-page factors are well used to prove search engines that your website is being searched by relevant people to surf over your website.

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