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keyword-dataA challenging scenario which was hoped that would never come has finally arrived. It seems that Google has cut all the keyword data and took a drastic step on switching all the searches to a secure one. So, what does it result in? It will result in a drastic increase in the number of keywords that move to “not provided” form of data in the Google analytics.
Nearly it was around two years making the biggest change of secure search that resulted in the steady rise of not provided data. Previously Google was redirecting the users who are logged on to the encrypted search URL i.e., https://www.google.com which resulted in a decline of the amount of keywords to be tracked by webmasters.
The keyword in the “not provided” data was lesser to be significant. But this has been steadily raising and now there are lots of keywords getting into the “not provided” area making site owners ignorant and confused on how people will find the search.
But now Google came up with another idea that all the searches from ‘Google omni box’ even when the user is not logged in will be switched into encrypted searches using SSL (HTTPs). Hence, the amount of keywords that are in dreaded row has been increased.
What does this mean? Even though the users type http://www.google.com they will be automatically redirected to https://www.google.com that makes impossible to know about the keyword data that was searched.
So, hereafter no keyword data can be passed to website owners. This results in eliminating the ability of tracking the users through their keyword searches. There has been a lot of questions rose to Google but that resulted in a single answer “just to improve privacy of the users”.
As we know Google is the giant of search engines, It can do whatever it like and whenever it needs. At the moment there is no one to stop Google as it’s a usual for the top search engine to change and produce updates every now and then.
A sad truth – ‘We may only see “not provided” data under the keywords list in the near future’.
There are some methods determining “not provided” data through Google webmaster tools yet the method does not provide a full proof.

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