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Let’s go back for a few minutes to know about the previous eras of the web. Today seems to have the elusive progress in World Wide Web with centered approach. In previous eras, users can only view the web pages and don’t have any options to create own websites. Technologically, the web age has developed to a greater extent.
Web 1.0 is hard to define; it seems to be static and useful, but never ever makes the visitors to come again. They usually won’t be much more interactive; it allows the visitor’s only to visit the sites. The main goal of this application is to present the product to potential customers. But, the updated version of web 1.0 seems to be web 2.0; it allows the users to frequently update the posts. It allows the users to interact, collaborate and connect with one another, just like social media sites. It allows the users to generate content in the virtual community. Web 2.0 sites include social networking sites, blogs, video sharing sites, web applications and more. It wholly depends upon content syndication, Mashups and Web API’s. Even though, the innovations and best practices reached a higher extent, it won’t be the final step.
So, the web eon has moved to the next generation as web 3.0. Sure, it’s going to have its unique name in this web generations. Now, in the upcoming web era, the web again is going to move back to the back end improvements from front end infrastructures. In this standard, the web spaces would be primarily of viewer oriented. This is going to build the web more connected, more open and even intelligent and it might be called as “the intelligent and more meaningful web”, as it is going to be with the semantic web, micro formats, data-mining, machine learning and artificial intelligent technologies. It seems to be semantic web as it works alike human by recognizing the relationships globally. Web 3.0 going to be special with its open identity, interoperability, global database, 3D web, control of information and semantic web.
This seems to be a difficult process still as hasn’t fully arrived yet and everyone has their own idea about it. It might become the personal technology for savviest innovators. It is totally made to face the challenges made by web 2.0. It’s going to be this decade’s read-write and execute web. Even though, it has some unique features than previous standards, it’s still not so popular among the crowd.

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